How much does an abortion cost in LA county?

That depends on a few things. An abortion can cost out of pocket anywhere between $0 – $3,000 depending on what insurance and coverage you have, how far along you are, if you would qualify for a sliding-scale fee, etc.

Here is what an abortion may cost you in LA county if you have to pay out of pocket: A non-surgical abortion (medical abortion/abortion pill) can cost anywhere between $450 – $605

Surgical Abortion costs by gestational age:

Gestational Age Abortion Cost
13 – 16 Weeks $765 – $1050
16 – 18 Weeks $975 – $1,050
18 – 19.6 Weeks $1,175 – $1,700
19 – 21. 5 Weeks $2,165 – $2,225
22 – 24 Weeks $3,275

At Options, all our services are FREE, including a referral to obtain a FREE ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy, fetal location, and gestational age. All these steps are essential when considering the cost of abortion and abortion options for you.

We are not an abortion provider or abortion referral agency, so we do not benefit financially from your decision.

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