About the The Abortion Pill / Medication Abortion

Medical abortion, commonly referred to as the Abortion Pill (RU-486) is considered a medication abortion, or non-surgical abortion since it uses medications to end a pregnancy. It can also be called an in-home abortion, since it occurs in the patient’s home, not in a medical facility. It is also sometimes described as self-induced abortion, self-managed abortion, or online abortion, although these latter terms are not completely accurate.

This abortion method is available within 10 weeks of the first day of your last menstrual period.

Abortion Pill Procedure

A medical abortion is a two-visit process using two different drugs:

First Visit – Mifepristone is the first abortion pill you take which blocks progesterone, a hormone needed to continue to grow the pregnancy.

Second Visit – Misoprostol is the second abortion pill, which is taken up to 48 hours later. Misoprostol causes contractions to expel the pregnancy. Your contractions will not take place at the medical office and may occur within a few hours or up to two weeks after taking misoprostol.

You must return to your abortion provider 7-14 days later for a physical exam to ensure the abortion is complete and that there are no immediate complications.

Abortion Pill Next Steps

If you are considering taking the abortion pill, schedule your FREE pregnancy options consultation right away – see our contact information below. You will receive a comprehensive look at all your pregnancy options including abortion risks, possible side effects, and important questions to ask the abortion clinic or abortion provider so you can make a decision with confidence. We’re here for you!

We are not an abortion provider or abortion referral agency, so we do not benefit financially from your decision.

Is it possible to reverse taking the abortion pill?

Yes, there is a 64%-68% chance of continuing a healthy pregnancy if the abortion reversal pill is taken within 72 hours of taking mifepristone (the first abortion pill you take). Call 877-558-0333 or visit abortionpillreversal.com for more information on the abortion pill reversal.

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