Options – A Women’s Care Center

Options is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We have been in operation since 2006, providing support services to women with unplanned pregnancies in a compassionate and respectful environment. Our team of trained client advocates are here for you during the decision making process of an unplanned pregnancy, and after.

You can receive a fast, accurate, FREE pregnancy test, along with a FREE limited ultrasound through our partnership with Horizon Pregnancy Clinic. Once a week, one of their licensed nurses will be available on-site to provide both services, completely free of charge.

NOTE – all ultrasounds conducted in partnership with Horizon Pregnancy Clinic are limited in scope and are not intended for diagnosing abnormalities in the patient or fetus.

Mobile Pregnancy Ultrasound Unit

We are not an abortion provider or abortion referral agency, so we do not benefit financially from a client’s decision.

Our medical clinic license approval is in progress – we anticipate full approval soon. In the meantime, all medical services are referral based.

Privacy Policies

HIPPA – Notice of Privacy Practices and Responsibilities (PDF)

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Contact us – 626-671-0581, office@optionslapuente.org, or request an online appointment.

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