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NOTE: This calculator is not a diagnosis. The calculations are estimates based on averages.

Gestational age estimates how far along you are in your pregnancy. Health care providers use the gestational age in weeks (rather than months) to plan your care during pregnancy. Most pregnancies last about 40 weeks from the first day of the last menstrual period.

About Pregnancy Date Calculation

A missed menstrual cycle is one of the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. That’s why it is best to wait until after you’ve missed your period before taking a pregnancy test.

If you know the day of your last period this pregnancy calculator can be used as a possible conception date calculator, an estimated due date (EDD calculation), or a pregnancy due date calculator.

What are Next Steps?

First – Take a pause. It is important to not get ahead of yourself and worry about being pregnant before you are sure. A missed period and using this pregnancy calculator may be possible pregnancy indicators, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you are truly pregnant.

Next – A pregnancy test with an ultrasound exam is the best way to confirm a pregnancy and provide clear options. The pregnancy testing and ultrasound process is quick and efficient in a supportive, private environment.

Options will provide you with a referral for a Free pregnancy test and ultrasound exam verified by a nurse. The Free ultrasound will determine how far along you are and any issues that may possibly exist. You will have the results during your referral appointment.

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